Barion Pixel Egyszerű és folyamatos jelen feladatok

Egyszerű és folyamatos jelen feladatok

Fedezd fel az angol nyelv jelen időinek varázsát ezekkel az egyszerű és folyamatos jelen feladatok segítségével! Ez a gyűjtemény kifejezetten azoknak szól, akik szeretnének több gyakorlati tapasztalatot szerezni az angol nyelv egyszerű és folyamatos jelen időinek használatában. Minden feladat segít elmélyíteni tudásodat és gyakorlatot szerezni az angol nyelv mindennapi használatában. Kezdjük el az izgalmas útra az angol nyelvtan világában!

Egyszerű és folyamatos jelen feladatok

Tedd az igét a megfelelő igealakba: egyszerű vagy folyamatos jelen. Használd a hosszú formát, ne rövidíts, tehát: does not go (NEM doesn't go), aren't going (NEM are not going).

Sarah (love) to read books. She reads every night before bed.

Are you hungry? I (make) some sandwiches for lunch.

The sun (shine) brightly today. It's a beautiful day outside.

Mark (study) for his exams at the moment. He has a lot of material to cover.

Every morning, (I / drink) a cup of coffee to wake up.

Look! The children (play) in the garden. They always have so much energy.

My mom (cook) dinner right now. She's preparing our favorite dish.

Jasmine (practice) yoga every evening to relax after work.

Tom (not / eat) meat. He's a vegetarian.

Listen carefully. (You / hear) the birds singing outside?

(We / go) to the cinema tonight. There's a new movie we want to see.

Sarah usually (go) for a run in the park on Saturdays, but today she's feeling a bit tired.

Do you enjoy cooking? I (not / like) it very much.

How often (they / go) to the gym?

She (not / watch) TV often, but she loves reading books.

Why (you / look) so worried? Is everything okay?

He (not / drink) coffee. He prefers tea.

What time (the bus / arrive) in the morning?

(We / not / have) any plans for the weekend yet. Any suggestions?

How often (your parents / travel) abroad?

She (not / work) on Fridays. It's her day off.

Where (you / spend) your summer vacation this year?

He (not / like) spicy food. It's too hot for him.

What (your brother / do) for a living?

Look! The kids (play) soccer in the backyard.

Why (you / wear) a coat? Is it cold outside?

They (not / watch) TV right now. They're studying for their exams.

What (she / do) in the kitchen? Is she baking a cake?

I ( not / listen) to music at the moment. I'm focusing on my work.

He (read) a book in the living room. He loves to read before bedtime.

Where (they / go) for their vacation this year?

Why (you / look) at me like that? Did I say something wrong?

What (you / think) about the new project? Do you find it challenging?

Look at the sky! It (rain) heavily. We should stay indoors.

Helyes válaszok száma: / 30.

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Angol igeidők

Angol igeidők

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Egyszerű jelen

Egyszerű jelen

Present Simple használata, formája, példamondatok és feladatok.

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Folyamatos jelen

Folyamatos jelen

Present continuous, azaz a folyamatos jelen idő formája és használata.

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